...About? About what? About me? About this blog? Is this where I put a bunch of made up copyright language and license agreements?

I'll just wing it, which is something you should expect to see a lot of if you become a regular reader (and assuming that I regularly write something for you to read).

So what will this blog be about? Some of everything, I guess. Basically, I'll be sitting up in the middle of the night, posting my thoughts on my whatever I think may be blogworthy: current events, major news stories (and minor ones), things that get on my nerves, interesting things I find around the internet, maybe the occasional book or movie review. This, of course, is because I suffer from the delusion, which has been made an epidemic by the internet, that anyone really gives a crap about what I have to say.

On the off chance that I actually go anywhere, do anything, or meet anyone even remotely interesting, that'll probably make its way here, too.

In the event that I feel the need to post something political and you disagree, don't let that discourage you from reading other, nonpolitical posts. You don't want to miss out on something genius. Hmmm...maybe I'll come up with some sort of warning system.

Feel free to give as much feedback as you like. As things go on, if there seems to be more interest (on my part or yours) in a certain topic, maybe this hodgepodge will eventually fall into sort of focus.

Oh, and if you were wondering about the name, I'll tell you that was the biggest obstacle to getting this thing started. I finally landed on "The Boneyard" for a few reasons: It denotes my affinity for all things creepy and ghoulish, without being too gothic and melodramatic. It's a decent metaphor, seeing as though the topics I write about will, I'm sure, have already been picked clean by the rest of the "blogosphere." And, MOST importantly, I can imagine hearing someone say "Oh, I read about that on The Boneyard!" or "Hey! Did you see the latest post on The Boneyard? It was f**king awesome!" You know, stuff like that.