Friday, July 29, 2011

So Here We Are...

And where is that? I guess nowhere, yet.

I never really saw myself having a blog, but here I am writing, and here you are reading, the first post. If you haven't already, swing on over to the "About" tab (yeah, I've got tabs and everything). That's where you'll find a basic introduction and description of what I expect this thing to be.

This is an interesting time to start a blog. I mean, the past months have been packed full of potentially blogworthy happenings in this country and around the world. The biggest story right now is this whole Debt Ceiling thing, which is, undoubtedly, very important. But let's face it; that's pretty boring.

Had I started this earlier, I could have weighed in on Charlie Sheen's delirium; on the end of the Space Shuttle program; on the sheer badassery of Navy SEAL Team 6; and on the culmination of the Harry Potter films, with which I may or may not have an unhealthy obsession.

But no, we must never look back. Only forward.

So I won't even mention how I think that our actions in Libya could have been better handled (and by "better handled," I mean two years earlier and in Iran instead of Libya). I won't voice my disappointment at the Casey Anthony verdict or my further disappointment at the protesters' reaction to it.

And I will not express my firmly held belief that it HAD TO have been the cosmic plan all along, which the Universe followed from the beginning of time and throughout the entirety of human civilization, that we be given the unbelievable case of congressman Anthony Weiner's name being Weiner.